Caring for your UPVC windows and frames

Once you’ve invested in new UPVC windows and doors or are simply looking to prolong the life of the windows in home, we know that you will want to keep everything looking as good as new.

This short guide will help you to maintain your new products and to keep your Gloucestershire home looking its best for many years to come.

Clean the frames

It’s really important to keep your window frames clean and we would suggest that you do this four times a year. Not only does this give you the chance to inspect the frames for damage it also helps you to prevent any future damage occurring. 

It’s a good idea to get in to the habit of cleaning your window frames shortly after they’ve been fitted and to make this task part of your regular cleaning routine. 

With the window fully open, use either a small soft brush or duster brush to clean the inside of the frame. This helps to loosen trapped dirt and makes sure that drainage channels are kept clear. Drainage channels serve an important function and could cause problems with excess moisture if they are not checked and cleaned often.

Using a soft lint free cloth (white is best to prevent colour transfer) and some warm soapy water, you can rub away any unwanted marks or stains before they have a chance to become fixed. 

If you find a stain is particularly stubborn then you can always try using a non-abrasive household cleaner or UPVC cleaning product. Don’t forget that these should always be washed off the frames using warm soapy water after use.

Care should be taken around silicone seals as rubbing, especially with cleaning products could cause the silicone to come away.

Make those windows sparkle

Over time windows attract dust and pollution which builds up and reduces the amount of light that is let in. Letting the light back in isn’t just good for the room, it’s good for the soul too!

Follow our tips to ensure your windows sparkle and shine all year round:

1. Avoid cleaning your windows in the blazing sun! This will only serve to dry your window cleaner on to the glass which will leave stubborn streaks. Clean your windows on a dry, cloudy day if possible, or start on the shadiest side of the house.

2. Clean the frames first. Start by brushing and vacuum any dirt from your window frame to keep the area as clean as possible – you don’t want to create a muddy mess when you apply your window cleaner.

3. Don’t skrimp on the spray! Whether you use commercial or home-made window cleaner, don’t use it too sparingly. In order to lift the dirt from your window you need it to be wet enough to wipe away without leaving streaks.

4. Use a microfibre cloth. Designed to be really absorbent and ideal to pop in the washing machine afterwards, microfibre cloths are perfect for leaving glass shiny and free from streaks.

Top tip! If you’re cleaning both the inside and the outside of your windows, wipe one side vertically and the other side horizontally so that if you find any streaks you know which side of the glass they are on! Genius!

Open your windows regularly

A healthy home is filled with fresh air. Opening windows daily will help a room to breathe. 

This is important not only for mental health but also to ensure that moisture trapped within a room, such as condensation on windows, is released. 

If a room has small patches of mildew near the windows it is usually a sign that there is not enough ventilation in that room. 

By opening windows a fraction each day you will help to guard against dampness developing in the structure of your home and you really will feel better for it.

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