Summer upgrade means winter warmth

With regular care and maintenance a double-glazed window supplied and fitted by Cheltenham Glass and Glazing will give you many, many, years of trouble-free use, offering an unlimited life expectancy.

However less well-made units that have been manufactured using inferior materials may warp and fail much sooner, meaning that you will need to have them replaced more quickly than you bargained (or indeed budgeted) for.

Cheltenham Glass and Glazing is often approached by new customers who are seeking to replace their double glazing. Sometimes this is because of a wish to modernise the look of the property but we are regularly approached by people who have noticed that their double-glazing is no longer in good condition.

We are always keen to share the benefits of the products that we supply, from manufacturers such as REHAU and Smart Frame which will not only enhance the aspect of a property but will also provide excellent thermal insulation and, of even greater importance these days, energy saving benefits over a long lifetime.

Is your double glazing letting you down?

Signs that the windows in your Gloucestershire home need replacing can include misting in between the panes of glass and condensation appearing inside your room. This occurs when the seal between panes has failed, allowing moisture in to the unit.

Windows with a failed seal will also allow draughts in to your rooms, therefore reducing the insulation that your windows provide. This, in turn will make a room feel uncomfortably cool especially around the window unit itself.

A double-glazed window unit fitted in to a wooden frame will be subjected to more movement than a fully PVCu frame and this will put more stress on to the unit which can cause the sealed unit to fail more quickly.

Over time the PVCu frames in any window installation can begin to warp and crack. Unfortunately, this will lead to the ingress of moisture in to the main fabric of a building which in turn will cause mould to develop. If left untreated this will not only damage your property and create an unhealthy living environment, but it will also reduce the curb appeal and therefore value of your Gloucestershire property.

Other signs that your windows are not in peak condition include the fading of carpets and furniture inside your rooms. This can be the result of decreased UV protection and is commonly seen in homes with single glazing or older double-glazed windows.

So, when should you look to upgrade your PVCu double glazing?

Adam Worth, Director of Cheltenham Glass and Glazing, suggests that a window’s condition should be monitored frequently throughout their lifetime, with homeowners checking seals and frames for signs of deterioration.

Double glazing that is in poor condition will not be energy efficient. This will mean that your home will feel colder, and your heating bills will increase.

When signs of deterioration are found and the time for units to be replaced has come, Adam recommends a summer upgrade whenever possible.

“In an ideal world people should check the health of their windows regularly and plan to replace failed units in good time for poor weather in the autumn and winter. Cheltenham Glass and Glazing would recommend that double-glazed windows and doors are replaced during the late spring or summer months, which generally have better weather than later in the year. That way, you’ll have a cosy, snug home to enjoy throughout the winter.”

Weather conditions are usually more favourable during the spring and summer, which lend themselves to more efficient installations of replacement PVCu windows and doors. Wintry weather conditions can often inhibit our fitters which can delay the completion of the job.

The experienced fitters at Cheltenham Glass and Glazing always ensure that our installations are completed to the highest standards whatever the weather. However for the ultimate in customer experience, we recommend that you book to have replacement windows and doors installed before winter, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from our uPVC windows and doors when you need it most.

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