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Now that warmer temperatures appear to have arrived on UK shores and we feel like opening our windows to let the warm air in, many homeowners find that the handles and hinges of their windows have seized up and are difficult to open and need to be repaired.

Look no further! At Cheltenham Glass and Glazing we are used to tackling unyielding hinges that require the strength of an ox to open, and window locks that just won’t budge.

These issues are often caused by lack of use or a build-up of dirt inside the hinge or lock mechanisms, but sometimes a seized-up hinge or window lock might be due to age or misuse.

If you have an enquiry about hinge, handle or lock repair for your Gloucestershire home or business, contact us, and read on to find out how we can help.

Window hinge repair in Gloucestershire

Property owners in Cheltenham and the surrounding Gloucestershire area can rest assured that Cheltenham Glass and Glazing are on hand to repair failed hinges on your windows and doors.

We are frequently asked to visit homes and businesses that can’t open their windows easily. The three most common causes of failed window hinges are:

  • Old equipment that has deteriorated with age
  • Poor window maintenance
  • Misuse, where the window has been opened with force

Whilst some window or hinge repairs may appear to be easy to carry out, we would always recommend that you call in professional window specialists such as Cheltenham Glass and Glazing as DIY repairs can often lead to further damage and then result in more expensive repair bills.

Old equipment

uPVC window hinges have a plastic slider as part of their operating mechanism. This can become increasingly brittle as it ages and eventually shatter, but it can also become jammed if the metal arms become misaligned. Forcing a stiff window hinge can cause significant damage and should always be avoided.

Poor maintenance

Where windows are not regularly cleaned and maintained Gloucestershire property owners may find that their windows become increasingly difficult to open and close. Dirt and debris will collect around the moving parts of a window hinge which over time will clog up and stop working properly. Window hinges should be wiped down as part of a regular maintenance routine to keep them clean, and a lubricant should also be applied at frequent intervals to ensure that the mechanisms operate smoothly.

Window misuse

Have you ever come to open a window, found that it is stiff and given it an extra hard push to open it? Unfortunately this extra force can cause significant damage to a hinge mechanism. If your window won’t open properly, it is definitely time to call in the experts.

At Cheltenham Glass and Glazing we are often called to repair windows that just won’t budge and have been forced. In some cases we are able to replace the hinge mechanism but in some cases we have to replace the entire uPVC window unit as the damage caused by being forced is too great to repair.

We want to keep costs as low as possible for our Gloucestershire customers and would always advise against using excessive force to open a window so that we have a chance to repair a window hinge.


Window and door handle repair in Gloucestershire

Window and door handles are a heavy use item – think how many times your front door is opened and closed, how many times you open windows (especially now that the weather is looking up!) and then think just how awkward it is to open windows and doors when the handle either seizes up or becomes loose.

Losing the use of a door or window handle is really inconvenient, isn’t it?! If you start to notice that your handles are becoming stiff or too loose as you operate them, contact your local repair specialists at Cheltenham Glass and Glazing.

If we can repair the existing handle we will do, cleaning the mechanism and ensuring that it opens, shuts and locks as it should do.

However, if the damage is too great, we will help you to choose a replacement handle for your door or window, keeping the cost as low as possible.

Sometimes our specialist fitters find that a window or door handle has broken because the locking mechanism within the uPVC window or door has become misaligned and excessive force has been used to try to wrench the door or window open.

In this situation, our Gloucestershire based fitters will do all they can to fix the main locking mechanism and then turn their attention to the handle, to leave you with a secure door or window and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is secure.


Broken lock? No problem!

Has your key broken or got stuck in the lock of your front door or window? Has the locking mechanism of your uPVC door or window got jammed and won’t open (or in some cases, won’t close?!)?

Don’t panic! Cheltenham Glass and Glazing are at your service, ready to repair your lock or locking mechanism and keep your home safe.

There are a number of reasons why door and window locks break, the first being simply that the lock or key have worn out. In this case, we can replace the lock mechanism and give you a new set of keys.

If a key doesn’t turn smoothly in a lock we will start by cleaning and carrying out a light maintenance service on the lock itself. This is a simple fix that should bring new life to your lock.

Another reason why a lock might break is that it has been forced, perhaps as a result of a break-in.

No-one wants to dwell on this subject, however if you are in the unfortunate position of dealing with a break-in, Cheltenham Glass and Glazing are on hand to help you restore your home’s security by replacing any broken locks, restoring your peace of mind that your home is secure once more.


Here for you, across Cheltenham and Gloucestershire

Whatever the cause of your hinge, handle or lock repair enquiry, Cheltenham Glass and Glazing are on hand to ensure that your home is secure and that any repairs are carried out by professionals with integrity and respect.

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