uPVC fact file

uPVC is a term that we have all heard in relation to windows but what is it and why is it used in double glazing and for doors? This article will hopefully tell you all you need to know!

What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride and is also known as PVCu. It is a form of rigid plastic that is widely used for window frames as a hard-wearing and long-lasting alternative to painted and stained wood. Because it is hard and non-flexible, uPVC is a great product to use for window frames, external doors and the construction of conservatories.

What is a uPVC window?

Because uPVC is so durable and requires very little maintenance it has become very popular as a material for making window frames. uPVC frames will not warp, rust or crack because they are constructed with a galvanised steel core to provide exceptional strength and durability. They also have superb insulative properties due to their construction, both from a thermal and sound point of view.

Why do we use uPVC for window frames so much?

At Cheltenham Glass and Glazing we want our customers to be satisfied that they are getting the very best value for money from any window frames that they buy from us. We often hear that our customers from the wider Gloucestershire area not only want their window frames to help to keep their home warm, but that they want them to last as long as possible.

uPVC is extremely durable and will last much longer than other product such as wood. It is resistant to the effects of the sun and to the effects of low temperatures too, so it will not warp and crack over time unlike products such as wood.

Some of the other benefits of using uPVC for window frames include:

·        Low cost – whilst costs can vary depending on the quality of the uPVC you buy and the features that your windows have, you will find that uPVC tends to be far cheaper than other products such as timber or aluminium.

·        Low maintenance – who doesn’t like a product that doesn’t really need looking after? Apart from wiping the frames and channels down with a soft cloth and some water a handful of times a year, your uPVC window frames will essentially look after themselves. There is no need to repaint or replace the glazing putty as there is with wooden window frames. There really is nothing to the care and maintenance of uPVC frames.

·        Excellent performance – Offering a reduction in noise from outside of up to 70% your home will be so much quieter than those without uPVC window frames. All uPVC window frames installed by Cheltenham Glass and Glazing also offer excellent thermal insulation. This will help to reduce heating costs and keep your home warm and cosy. uPVC windows are also incredibly robust and will help to protect your home from intruders more than products such as wood.

Are there any downsides to using uPVC window frames?

Clearly, when uPVC window frames are replaced, they become a waste product. If they are burned, they could release dangerous chemicals known as dioxins in to the environment causing harmful pollution.

At Cheltenham Glass and Glazing we take care to send old uPVC window frames that we remove from properties in and around Gloucestershire to be recycled. The uPVC plastic is ground down to create pellets which is then reused within the internal structures of new uPVC window frames.

What styles are uPVC window frames available in?

Whatever your taste there is a style of uPVC window frame to suit you. From casement windows to sash designs, tilt and turn to bay and French styles, Cheltenham Glass and Glazing is on hand to discuss your requirements and find the perfect products to suit your home.

Covering Cheltenham and the wider Gloucestershire area, we have many years’ industry experience and look forward to working with you to improve your home, whether you want us to replace one window or every unit in the property.

In summary

uPVC is a popular product used to make window frames, doors and conservatories because of its durability, strength and insulative properties. It is relatively low-cost, doesn’t require much looking after and helps to keep energy bills low whilst adding to your homes’ security. What’s not to like?!

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